Hägar Dünor Le Viking

Hägar Dünor Le Viking

Hägar The Horrible

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Message de Gary [gbalcarc@aol.com]

2024-05-05 17:35:40

I would like to find the comic strip where Hagar is fighting a matador. He says "Boy, this guy is tricky"
Then says " I never fought a Spaniard before"
Message de blueyes [bulldozer321654@gmail.com]

2024-04-20 21:47:29

I would like to have a copy of the strip where hagar describes his grudges.

Message de Andrew L [ohiospineman@yahoo.com]

2023-07-31 14:50:35

I’d like a copy of the sales quota pushing a rock up the hill
Message de Bill Ray [billray707@gmail.com]

2022-09-03 16:08:09

With 87 thousand new IRS agents coming on line, it might be a good time for a collection of the great tax collector strips. They always made me laugh.
Message de Trish [Trishcrocker1@gmail.com]

2021-11-16 21:44:32

Hagar carrying his grudge
Message de Mary [Mcox@xxiii.com]

2021-11-08 00:04:53

Looking for the old comic about grudges
Message de rosalind Heid [paulheid@msn.com]

2021-03-05 18:14:44

I love Hagar the Horrible. But I am concerned it might be considered "insensitive" by the cancel culture. The Vikings and those you depict were Scandinavian and I worry that it could be a problem.
Message de Giles [gilesporter@mac.com]

2020-11-21 18:51:23

Looking for the breathing wine strip
Message de Antonio Brceño (AnthoneX) [ing.antonio.briceno@gmail.com]

2020-11-07 04:14:55

Fanatico de esta historieta desde mi infancia. Encantado de firmar este libro.
Message de New20fan [New20fan@yahoo.com]

2020-11-07 03:37:32

Anyway to find one from 80/90 ish!! Says to war to war... runs to ship sticks toe in cold water and says.. to da bar to da bar!!!

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